Yeung Family Style

Learning Levels

The Yeung family has classified the levels of learning into three categories:


Yeung family members are taught the complete body of knowledge. In the family, the methods and formulas are observed most strictly, and the teaching methods employed are quite severe. While all family members learn, not all like teaching and not all take disciples.


Generally, a disciple is required to spend a specific amount of time studying with the teacher before being considered for discipleship. Once accepted, disciples acquire from the Master skills that lead to a level of comprehension that far exceeds that of students so that they can help the master spread the martial art. Disciples are allowed to use the Yeung’s family name when teaching and can also choose accept their own disciples. All disciples are listed in the “School of Yeung’s Style of Tai Chi Chuan,” ledger, but not in the Yeung’s family lineage, despite the fact that some people shamefully promote themselves this way.


The level of training students receive is less profound than that of disciples, and whether a student is qualified to teach is up to the judgment of the master.

Yeung Tai Chi Chuan is both an extraordinary defensive art and an unparalleled health maintenance exercise. However, the principles and applications are only as valuable and effective as the source from which they spring.
Know your source.