Master Teacher

John Conroy

John Conroy started his career in the fighting arts in 1959. Over the next dozen years, he explored a variety of martial styles. In 1968, John met Master Chi Gin Soon, Second Disciple of Master Yeung Sau Chung, who introduced him to Classical Yeung Style Tai Chi Chuan. At the time, however, Master Chu declined to accept new students.

John traveled several times to Asia as he continued his studies, but he remained interested in Tai Chi Chuan, with its emphasis on activity camouflaged in inactivity and strength hidden in softness.

Finally, in 1971, Master Chu allowed John to become his student. In 1988, after seventeen years of intensive study, Master Chu invited John to become his first family student and disciple.

During a visit to Hong Kong with Master Chu Gin Soon in 1983, John was introduced to Grandmaster Yeung Sau Chung and allowed to see Grandmaster Yeung Sau Chung practice with Gin Soon Chu. On this same trip, Master Yeung Sau Chung allowed John and others traveling with Master Chu to practice push-hands with his daughter, Yeung Ma Lee. It was an unforgettable experience! In 1999, John accompanied Gin Soon Chu to Hong Kong to visit the Yeung family again where he once more practiced with now Grandmaster Yeung Ma Lee.

Subsequently, upon his retirement, Master Chu gave John permission to continue his training with Grandmaster Yeung Ma Lee.

Over time, John has accepted two apprentices: Steven Brooks, U.S.A. and Calogero Randazzo, Germany.