Value of Tai Chi

Understanding Human Physiology

Movements in tai chi chuan are modeled on the movements of animals: the crane, monkey, tiger, horse, etc. However, in order to be able to utilize the skills necessary to propel the “Jin” (strength and energy) in fighting, one must understand human physiology, namely, the idea of parking the coccyx and hollowing the chest. These are two of the essential rules for practicing true Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan. First, be careful of misinterpreting. Parking the coccyx is NOT tilting your pelvis under (pelvic tilt), and hollowing the chest is NOT rolling the shoulders forward.

Parking the coccyx is to lock the shinbone crowns in their proper place and to hollow the chest in different degrees as required so the chest can rest on the C curve of the thoracic vertebrae to support the small back and spine. This proper alignment gives strength to the navel psychic center. Careful and knowledgeable instruction must be provided in both of these concepts.

With such instruction, using the parked coccyx to lock the shinbone properly will help to prevent knee injury in all people, and by correctly hollowing the chest, the shoulders will be moved forward passively (so as not to create congestion) allowing the energy to sink, creating a sense of tranquility. These two concepts are taught and emphasized clearly under the exacting instruction of Grandmaster Yeung Ma Lee.